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NaturlandДодано 14.04.2011

Naturland –& nbsp; Association for Organic Agriculture was founded in 1982 with its headquarters in Graefelfing, near Munich, Germany. Today Naturland is one of the world’s foremost organisations in the promotion of organic agriculture.

In the many years since its establishment, Naturland has made a significant imprint on the history of organic agriculture and provided important impetus, opening up new fields such as organic forestry management and organic aquaculture.

A thumbnail sketch of Naturland

Naturland is a farmers‘ association run on the principle of grassroots democracy, and the assembly of delegates monitors the objectives contained in its articles. Naturland is recognised as a non-profit-making organisation.

Naturland’s farmers and processors produce valuable foodstuffs in accordance with Naturland’s standards, from apples to cabbages, from turkeys to salmon, from olive oil......